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Monday, July 24, 2006

2006 $200 Gold Proof Coin

The Royal Australian Mint has release the 2006 $200 Gold Proof Coin- South-Eastern Red-tailed Black Cockatoo. This is the finale of the series of rare Birds of Australia.

The majestic South-Eastern Red-tailed Black Cockatoo features in this exclusive series.

It is a beautiful bird known for its bright red tail feathers and jet black body plumage and now immortalized in 24ct gold.

The coins are rare, like the birds they feature, as only 2,500 of each denomination will ever be made.

Nominal Specifications
The Denomination of the coin is $200 Australian Dollars. The coins are legal tender in Australia. They are proof 24 karat gold, 99.99 percent. And is a half ounce coin. The diameter is 30.00mm and they are guaranteed proof coins. There is only 2500 minted.

The price is AUD$590.91 for international and for Australians the price is AUD$650.00 including GST.

This is a fine coin and would make a valuable addition to any coin enthusiasts collection


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