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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New Danish Gold Coin

The Danish Royal Mint will issue the "The Snow Queen" on the 30th of August 2006. This is the forth in the series of Fairy Tale coins.

The motif is taken from Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale "The Snow Queen".The designer is sculptor Øivind Nygård and the result is a beautiful and exciting coin.

The coin comes in gold and silver.

The gold coin is a 10-krone coin issued in three versions – a gold coin, a silver coin, and an ordinary 10-krone coin:

A 10-krone coin in gold with diameter 22.0 mm, weight 8.65 g, and alloy 900‰ Au (gold). The gold coin is minted in an edition not exceeding 4,000.

The silver is A 10-krone in fine silver with diameter 38.0 mm, weight 31.1 g, and alloy 999‰ Ag (fine silver). The silver coin is minted in an edition not exceeding 40,000.

The face of the fairy tale coins shows a profile of the Queen by the sculptor, Professor Mogens Møller. All fairy tale coins are legal tender and can be exchanged at Danmarks Nationalbank at face value.

From 20 July 2006 you can buy the fairy tale coins from the Royal Mint's website Danish Royal Mint and from 30 August 2006 the fairy tale coin can be purchased from banks and coin dealers. The recommended retail prices including Danish VAT are DKK 2,000 for the gold coin and DKK 200 for the silver coin. All fairy tale coins are legal tender and can be exchanged at Danmarks Nationalbank at face value DKK 10. The coins are also sold from Danmarks Nationalbank, Banking Services, between 10 am and 1 pm on weekdays.

The Snow Queen is the fourth in a series of five coins with fairy tales as their common theme. The first three coins were inspired by "The Ugly Duckling", "The Little Mermaid" and "The Shadow". The fifth and final fairy tale coin will be issued in the spring of 2007.

Monday, July 24, 2006

2006 $200 Gold Proof Coin

The Royal Australian Mint has release the 2006 $200 Gold Proof Coin- South-Eastern Red-tailed Black Cockatoo. This is the finale of the series of rare Birds of Australia.

The majestic South-Eastern Red-tailed Black Cockatoo features in this exclusive series.

It is a beautiful bird known for its bright red tail feathers and jet black body plumage and now immortalized in 24ct gold.

The coins are rare, like the birds they feature, as only 2,500 of each denomination will ever be made.

Nominal Specifications
The Denomination of the coin is $200 Australian Dollars. The coins are legal tender in Australia. They are proof 24 karat gold, 99.99 percent. And is a half ounce coin. The diameter is 30.00mm and they are guaranteed proof coins. There is only 2500 minted.

The price is AUD$590.91 for international and for Australians the price is AUD$650.00 including GST.

This is a fine coin and would make a valuable addition to any coin enthusiasts collection

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

American Buffalo Gold Coin

The American Buffalo gold coin has been doing extremely well since it’s launch last month. Over 100,000 coins have been sold. The American Buffalo gold coin is the new gold coin from the US Mint and the first to be 9999 percent fine gold. This appears to be aimed at the Asian market as they prefer purse gold to the usual .9167 the mint usually produces.

About one third of the available coins have been sold in the first 10 days despite the long weekend (July 4th holiday) and it is expected that the momentum will continue. 50,000 American Buffalo gold coins sold in the first 24 hours.

Also this week the proof American Eagle gold coin was suspended as the MINT tried to figure out what the price should be. The suspension is expected to end any day now and a new price established.

Despite this and the strange fluctuations in the gold price, gold coin collectors have not lost their enthusiasm for the glitter of gold and confidence remains high.

It is quite likely that the American Buffalo gold coin will continue to be very popular and the balance of 200,000 coins is likely to go, albeit not quite so fast, but certainly is likely to sell out in the next couple of months.

More information is available from the US Mint .

My suggestion is that, if you can still get your hands on some American Buffalo gold coins then it would be prudent to do so as soon as possible.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

2006 One Pound Gold Proof

The British Royal Mint have introduced the new 2006 £1 gold Proof coin.

This gold coin represents Northern Ireland and displays the Egyptian Arch, the stonework bridge completing the Dublin to Belfast railway. Unusual in its architecture, it is the only bridge in the £1 series that spans a roadway rather than a waterway but, declaring it a rail bridge, its decorative border is reminiscent of the canopy dags that are a familiar sight in almost all British rail stations. Moreover, the £1 coins in the Bridge series are unusual in that, rather than an edge inscription, they have been given a decorative pattern symbolizing bridges and pathways.

The £1 coins in the Bridge series are the only £1 coins to have been struck in lustrous 22 carat gold and the 2006 coin is now available in this most precious of metals. Struck to Proof quality, it comes in a superb red presentation case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity guaranteeing its strict issue limit of 1,500.

The mint have also issued the same in silver with a 2006 £1 Silver Proof coin.

Struck in sterling silver the £1 coin is one of the most popular collector coins of the numismatic year. Like all Proof coins from the Royal Mint, it comes in a transparent capsule to protect its pristine condition and housed in a splendid display case. It is also accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity guaranteeing its specifications and issue limit of 20,000.

Further details can be found at: 2006 One Pound Gold proof.

These coins would make a very nice addition to any coin collection.