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Sunday, July 20, 2008


This write up of Tulving explains who Tulving really are and what they deal in and is well worth reading before you buy gold from their website

Before you buy gold from any gold dealer, it is always a wise move to find out all about them.

Who are Tulving

Tulving is owned and run by Hannes Tulving, President. If you phone them you will more than likely find him on the other end of the phone. The Tulving website has been operating since December 1996 so has been around for over 12 years.

Hannes Tulving, Jr. originally became a full time coin dealer in 1976. He began by selling coins at a local Swap Meet, and then started to attend local coin conventions. Early in his career he was fortunate enough to meet John Wayne, "The Duke". The Duke became one of Mr. Tulving's largest customers, buying gold bullion from him on a regular basis.

In 1979, Mr. Tulving moved the operation down to Newport Beach, California, where it has been ever since.

PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) is the largest independent grading service, as well as one of the two most reputable services. In late 1985, they wanted Hannes Tulving involved. In a letter from David Hall, founder of PCGS, to Hannes, they invited him to be a member of the grading board and Tulving has been one of the graders for the PCGS ever since.

Tulving Customer Service
You can contact Tulving and make an inquiry or place an order 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Tulving accept international orders also.

Tulving offer free overnight shipping within 24 hours of getting a wire for gold. Also free shipping and insurance on any of the items of 20 ounces of gold and 500 ounces of silver minimum.

Tulving advise that your gold, silver or platinum bullion will be dispatched to arrive 3 days after they receive the funds.

Tulving also sell on eBay at their store called, " PCGS Coins Only". They are a power seller with a 100% positive feedback rating and have been a member since 1998. Here they sell only PCGS graded coins.

Tulving Products
Tulving specialize in US Eagles but do carry many other gold, silver and platinum coins.

Tulving make a charge over the spot price of gold, silver or platinum and their prices here are quite reasonable.

Here is a list of some of their very extensive and diverse range of gold, silver and platinum coins and bullion products.
Gold Bullion 1 Oz Coins And Bars
Australian Gold Kangaroo 1 Oz Nugget
Austrian Philharmonic .9999 Bullion 1 Oz Coins
2007 Canadian Maple Leaf .99999
American Buffalo .9999 24 K
Chinese Panda 1 Oz Gold Coins
South African Gold Krugerrand 1 Oz
Credit Suisse 1 Oz Gold .9999 Bar
Pamp Suisse Gold 24 Karat Bars
South African Gold Krugerrand 1 Oz Coins
Johnson Matthey Gold Bars JM Bullion Bar
Gold Krugerrand Coins For Sale
Pamp Suisse 10 Oz Gold Bars
Proof Gold Buffalo American .999 Gold Coins
Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Platinum Palladium 1 Oz Coins
Canadian Maple Leaf .9999 1 Oz
1 Oz .999 Gold Canadian Maple Leaf
Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf Coin
Canadian Maple Leaf Bag Marked Coins
Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf 1 oz
Australian Lunar Series 1 Oz Gold Coins
Perth Mint Australian Lunar 1 Oz Rat 1996 Mouse
Gold Lunar Coins From Australia 1997 Year Of Ox
Australia Gold 1 Oz Chinese Lunar 1998 Tiger Coins
Chinese Lunar Coin From Australia 1999 Rabbit
Australian Lunar Dragon 2000 1 Oz Coins
Perth Mint Gold Australian Snake 2001 Serpent
Australian Lunar Series One 2002 Horse Coins
1 Oz Australian Gold 2003 Chinese Lunar Goat
Chinese Lunar 2006 Rooster From Australia
Australian Lunar Series One 2006 Dog
Australian Lunar Calendar Pig 2007 Boar

$20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagles Pre 1933
$20 Liberty Pre 1933 U S Double Eagles
PCGS MS62 US $20 Gold Liberty Double Eagle Coins
Double Eagle MS64 PCGS US Gold $20 Liberty Coins
US $20 Gold Liberty Double Eagle PCGS MS63 Coins
PCGS US Gold $20 Liberty Double Eagle MS65 Coins
PCGS US Gold $20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle MS64 Coins
US $20 Gold Saint Gaudens Double Eagle PCGS MS62 Coins
$20 Gold Double Eagle Saint Gaudens PCGS MS63 US Coins
Saint Gaudens PCGS MS65 US $20 Gold Double Eagle Coins
Gold Double Eagle Saint Gaudens PCGS MS66 US $20 Coins

2008 Gold Silver Platinum American Eagles
2008 $50 American Eagle 1 Oz
2008 American Silver Eagles Dollar Coin Mint Box
2008 American Eagle 1 Oz Silver $1 Coins
2008 American Eagles Coin Rolls
2008 1 Oz Gold Coins
2008 Buffalo $50 Gold 1 Oz Coins
2008 Canadian Maple Leaf $50
2008 Chinese Panda 1 Oz Coin
2008 Australian Gold Lunar Mouse Rat
2008 Austrian Philharmonic 1 Oz Gold

Silver Bars Coins Bags Rolls Box
American Eagle 1 Oz Silver Dollar
90% Junk Silver Coin Bag
American Silver Eagles Dollar Coin Box
A-Mark 1 Oz Silver Rounds Rolls
Engelhard Silver Bars JM 100 Oz Johnson Matthey
American Silver Eagle Box of $1 Rolls
A-Mark Silver 10 Oz Bars
100 Oz Silver Bars .999 Bar
1 Oz Silver .999 Rounds
1 Oz American Silver Eagle Dollars
Johnson Matthey .999 Silver 50 Oz Silver Bar
Johnson Matthey .999 Silver 100 Oz Silver Bar
Johnson Matthey .999 Silver 1000 Oz Silver Bar
2006 American Silver Eagles Dollar Coin Mint Box
Credit Suisse .9999 Silver 100 Oz. Bar
2008 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf 1 Oz $5 Coins
Silver Canadian Maple Leaf 2008 Coin Rolls
Silver Chinese Panda Coin

American 1/10, 1/4, 1/2, 1 Oz Gold Silver Platinum Eagles
Platinum 1 Oz American Eagle
American Eagle $50 Gold 1 Oz Coin
Eagle Gold $25 Dollar American 1/2 Oz Coins
Proof 1 Oz American Eagle 50 Dollar
1/10 American Eagles $5 Gold Rolls
American Eagle Gold 10 Dollar 1/4 Oz Coins
1 Oz American Eagle Gold 50 Dollar Coin
Silver Eagle Proof Dollar Coins
Silver Platinum American Eagles Mintages
American Eagle Gold Coins
Proof Gold American Eagles U S Gold Coins

PCGS PR69DCAM MS70 MS69 PR70DCAM $1 $5 $10 $25 $50 Coins
PCGS MS70 1/10 Gold American Eagles
Proof Sacagawea PCGS PR69DCAM $1
Silver Eagle Dollar PCGS PR70DCAM
$100 American Platinum 1 Oz Eagle Proof Coins
Buffalo PCGS PR70DCAM $50
PCGS MS70 EAGLES $5 $10 $25 $50
Platinum American Eagle $50 PCGS PR69DCAM
Proof Silver Eagle PCGS PR69DCAM American $1
PCGS Certified Presidential Rolls

Swiss Helvetia 20 Franc Pre 1933 European Coins
British Sovereign ( King )
French Rooster World Coins
British Sovereign Queen Victoria Coins
World Gold French Angel 20 Franc
Italian Umberto 20 Lira
Belgium Leopold 20 Franc
Netherlands 10 Gulden Kings
Netherlands 10 Gulden Queen
Russian 15 Rubles
World Gold French Napoleon 50 Francs
European Pre 1933 Gold Danish 20 Kroner
Swedish 20 Kroner
German 20 Mark

Liberty Type 1 Double Eagles
Double Eagle Liberty Type 2
Type 3 Double Eagles
U S Silver Trade Dollars
Bust Small Eagle Silver Dollars
90% Silver Washington 25
Flowing Hair Liberty 1/2 Dollar
Draped Bust Liberty Heraldic Eagle 1/4 Dollar
American Buffalo Nickel
1/4 Eagle Liberty Capped Bust
$5 Indian Head 1/2 Eagle
Indian Head Quarter Eagles
90% Silver 1/4 Dollar
90% Silver 50 Franklin 1/2 Dollars
90% Silver Kennedy 1/2 Dollar
Seated Liberty No Motto Silver Dollar
$1 Eisenhower Silver Dollars
$1 Liberty Head Peace Silver Dollar
$1 Liberty Head Morgan Dollars
Pattern American Silver Dollars
Draped Bust Silver Eagle Dollar
Tulving Payment Options
Tulving only accepts bank wires as payment for their products. When you call and place your order you fix the price with them, at the time of the order, and they will give you a shipping tracking number for gold, silver, platinum and palladium two days after they get the wired funds in their bank account.

You can get the bank details from their site but it is a good idea to confirm these and your order when you call them. It is also a good idea to write down the detail of the call with time, date, the name of the person you spoke to and what was agreed including amounts, quantities and prices.

The minimum bank wire Tulving accepts is 7500 US dollars.

Tulving Financing

If you are a business, you can finance buying gold with Tulving with their financial arrangement in conjunction with PCGS. This with the Collectors Finance Corporation. The interest rate is 4 percent plus whatever the prime rate is, which is a lot less than say, GE underwritten credit cards which many jewelers offer. They do not provide consumer loans.

The terms include that the coins are held by PCGS until the loan is totally paid out, the minimum loan is 10,000US dollars, the maximum term of the loan is to be one year and all coins purchased must be graded by the PCGS

For bullion you can borrow anywhere from 65 percent up to 80 percent of the value of the bullion. The PCGS website is and the finance service is .

Naturally it is always better to pay cash for any precious metal coins or bullion.

Selling Gold to Tulving

You can sell pretty much any gold, silver or platinum coins to but the gold minimum is 10 Ounces, Silver Bars or Rounds Are 200 Ounces, Silver Eagles are 40 Ounces.

Tulving do not accept Colorized Silver Coins nor do they buy Odd Weight Silver. But there is no maximum on what they will buy.

They will pay directly when they receive the precious metal or coins but if you want them to acknowledge they have received your items you will need to ask them to do so before you send them.

Last Word on Tulving

Please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service and products of including any online complaints and special attention or service given by online if you have bought any gold coins or gold bullion from


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