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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Gold Pig

2007 is the year of the Golden Pig. The Gold Pig Year only occurs every 600 years.

The Gold Pig represents an extremely auspicious year for wealth and prosperity.

Children born in the year of the Golden Pig are said to bring their family's good luck and will lead a life of wealth and prosperity. There has been a significant increase in pregnancy's throughout Asia, particularly in China and Korea, as people hope to have a baby born in the year of the Golden Pig.

2007 is a fire pig on the 12 year cycle but also includes the longer cycle of golden pig. The pig is a water sign. Fire and water are a great combination for metals.

Both fire and water have been used in history to shape and manipulate the gold metal. So in itself the fire pig is a very lucky year for metals. The added dimension of the Golden Pig, makes 2007 an extremely lucky year for gold and prosperity.

The pictured Golden Pig pendant is available from the Perth Mint, Australia. The Golden Pig pendant is made of a 99.99% Pure Gold Coin, which is Australian Legal Tender, surrounded by an 18-Carat Gold Frame. The Golden Pig pendant is available in 1/20th ounce and 1/10 ounce coin sizes.


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