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The Moneychanger

The Money Changer
"Yes, we sell gold and silver - outside Tennessee."

Call toll free (888) 218-9226

To enter an order, call us at (888) 218-9226. While we are on the telephone we will quote you the current price. While we are on the phone we will write a contract with you locking in the price, and we'll give you a contract number. That contract legally obligates us to sell and you to buy at that price, regardless of what later happens in the market. If you buy and gold soars to $10,000 an ounce, you still bought at that contracted, locked in price. If gold gets so cheap they start paying people to haul it off to the dump in trucks, you still bought it at that contracted, locked in price. Just like buying stocks or bonds, we cannot cancel or change the contract once we have entered into it. After you enter your order, you must send payment within forty-eight (48) hours by personal check, United States Post Office (only) money order, or bank wire. If you send a personal check, we will withhold shipment for fourteen (14) days until your check clears. Generally you will receive your order (by registered mail or UPS) about four weeks from the day we write your contract.