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Friday, June 03, 2005

Gold Money - Buy Gold Online

Gold Money® is a simple and convenient way to buy and sell gold and silver online. Gold Money is like an online bank account, but your balance is denominated in goldgrams and mils rather than dollars and cents.

Gold Money is a digital gold currency that enables the online circulation of physical gold while it remains stored in a vault in London, England. Gold Money was founded by James Turk, a renowned authority on gold and the precious metal markets.

You can buy goldgrams for as low as 0.98% above the spot gold price. You can sell the goldgrams in your account at any time back to GoldMoney at the prevailing spot gold price. Buy and sell rates provided on the Gold Money website are based on prevailing market prices, which are updated throughout the day with a live gold price data feed.

The gold in your Gold Money account is held for you in allocated storage in a vault in London, England, and your gold is insured by Lloyd’s of London. When you buy goldgrams, you own pure gold in a secure vault.