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Friday, August 26, 2005

American Eagle Gold Coin

The American Eagle Gold Coin was authorized by the US Congress in 1985 and first minted in 1986. They are one of the world's most popular gold bullion coins.

The front of each coin depicts a graceful Striding Liberty design inspired by the Augustus Saint-Gaudens original design of the $20 Double-Eagle gold coins minted from 1907-1933. The reverse of the coin depicts a nest of American Eagles, symbolic of American family values and family tradition.

They are the only US gold bullion coin which have their accuracy of weight and purity guaranteed by the United States Government Mint.

They come in four different sizes:

1/10th oz American Eagle ($5) gold coin - 16.5mm in diameter
1/4th oz American Eagle ($10) gold coin - 22mm in diameter
1/2 ounce American Eagle ($25) gold coin - 27mm in diameter
1 ounce American Eagle ($50) gold coin - 32.7mm in diameter

Benefits of American Gold Eagle Coins

The coins are struck in 91.67% (22 Karat) fine gold with the total gold weight of the coin stamped on the reverse of each coin. To prevent wear and scratches which often occur in softer 99.99% pure gold bullion coins, the American Gold Eagle Coins also contain silver and copper which hardens and protects them. The percentages of gold, silver and copper contained in the coins is based on the durable gold standard established for gold coins circulating over 350 years ago.

Why buy American Gold Eagle Coins?

American Gold Eagle Coins provide you with a convenient and cost effective way to add a small amounts of physical gold to your gold investment portfolio. They also allow you to turn small amounts of your investment portfolio into cash as required at any time. For example, say you buy 20 American Gold Eagle Coins as an investment, If an unexpected expense comes up, that requires more funds than you have on hand, you can easily sell just one or as many coins as you require to cover the expense without having to sell your entire gold investment.

American Eagles are private, non-reportable and preferred by serious gold investors for complete privacy, safety and security.

Where to Buy American Gold Eagle Coins

American Eagle Bullion Coins are not sold to the general public directly from the United States Mint. They are available from gold coin dealers in the US and around the world. Due to their internationally recognised and popular status you can also sell your coins back to the coin dealer your purchased it from or walk into just about any gold coin dealer around the world and sell your coins at the current gold coin price.

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