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The Chinese Gold Panda is a very popular gold coin struck by the Chinese Mint. Any serious gold investor or coin collector should consider having some Chinese Gold Pandas as part of their holdings. The importance of the panda is due to its symbolism of friendship, peace, and good luck. The panda bear is often associated with China, even though the dragon remains the official national symbol of China. 

The Chinese Gold Panda coin is considered good, legal tender in China. Its face values vary based on the coin’s weight. 

Where to Buy Gold Panda Coins Online

When it comes to buying Gold Panda coins, investors have a multitude of options to choose from. Buyers can purchase gold coins at a local coin or bullion shop, or may shop numerous online precious metals dealers for the coins they desire. If you are looking for Chinese Gold Panda coins of the same weight, you can compare dealer prices for the coin as well as any shipping and insurance costs. 

JM Bullion

JM BullionOne of the most highly-rated dealers online is JM Bullion. This firm has been in business for about a decade now and sells billions of dollars per year in precious metals. They offer free shipping on orders over $199 and are one of the fastest shipping firms out there today. This means that you can have your gold coins in your hand within a couple of days of your order. Visit them to check out their selection of Chinese Gold Panda coins

Provident Metals

Provident MetalsAnother prominent player in the online dealer space is Provident Metals. This firm has been in business for some time now and is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Like JM Bullion, Provident also offers free shipping on orders exceeding $199 and they ship fast. Provident has completed over 1 million orders already and is one of the most highly recognized online bullion dealers today. They too have a great selection of Chinese Panda Coins and you can see the selection here.

BGASCBGASC is another online metals dealer that has seen strong growth in recent years. This firm also carries an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Orders typically ship the next day and are in their customers’ hands quickly. BGASC offers its gold coins at competitive prices and features a smaller collection of Chinese Panda coins for sale is another great online metals dealer. Do not be fooled by the name, also features some of the most popular and highest-quality gold coin products available. also offers free shipping on orders greater than $199 and orders typically ship the same or the next day of cleared payment. They offer Chinese Gold Panda coins in both bullion as well as proof versions. They offer a great selection of Chinese Gold Panda coins here

History of Chinese Gold Pandas

The Chinese Gold Panda coins were first minted in 1982 by the Chinese Mint. The mint produced a variety of coin weights for the panda series, including the one, ½, ¼, and 1/10-ounce weights. The following year, the mint added another weight with the 1/20-ounce coin. Chinese Pandas were weighed and marked in troy ounces until 2016. In that year, the mint switched the weights and markings to gram weights. Despite this change, the coin denominations of the series remained the same, only now they were marked as 30 gram, 15 gram, eight gram, three gram, and one gram. 

The design has changed since the coin’s inception and features a new panda design on an annual basis. 

Unique Qualities of Chinese Panda Coins

2022 30 gram Gold PandaThe Chinese Panda Gold coin is unique in design and how it is weighed. The coin went to the metric system in 2016. The coin series now has a long history (since 1982) and its various designs make it a favorite among collectors both in China and abroad. 

Date Stamping

Chinese Gold Panda coins are produced at several mints in China. These include Beijing, Shenyang, Shenzhen, and Shanghai. Unlike many other gold bullion coins, the Chinese Panda does not carry a mint mark to identify the location of its production. One can tell where a new coin was minted, however, by checking the side of the plastic sleeve it arrives in. The name of the producing mint is inscribed on the side of the seal. 

Because the coins are minted at different facilities, they can sometimes feature small differences in design. The mintage year, for example, may be stamped on the coin a little larger or thicker from one mint compared to the next. 

Changing of Coin Faces

The Chinese Panda changes its reverse design each year, except for the mintage years 2001 and 2002. It is only one of a handful, if any, of other coins that feature a different design annually. The reverse always features a panda, but sometimes it is more than one panda or a panda with cubs on the reverse. The changing of designs on an annual basis keeps the coin interesting for collectors. 

The obverse of the Chinese Panda coin features a design of the Temple of Heaven. The temple’s design was a major contributor to architectural design in the Far East for hundreds of years. 

Metric weights

Panda coins went metric in 2016. After featuring the coin’s weight in troy ounces since its inception in 1982, 2016 saw the coin produced with its weight stated in grams. The appeal of the metric system is due to its popularity in China as well as its use among global coin collectors. 

Gold Chinese Panda Coin Denominations

The Chinese Panda gold coin is made in a variety of weights and face values. The table below shows the various weights and denominations produced.

2016-Present Gold Panda Denominations

  • 30 gram (.9645 troy ounce) face value: 500 yuan
  • 15 gram (.4823 troy ounce) face value: 200 yuan
  • 8 gram (.2572 troy ounce) face value: 100 yuan
  • 3 gram (.0964 troy ounce) face value: 50 yuan
  • 1 gram (.0321) troy ounce face value: 10 yuan

2001-2015 Gold Panda Denominations

  • 1 troy ounce (31.02 grams) face value: 500 yuan
  • ½ troy ounce (15.552 grams) face value: 200 yuan
  • ¼ troy ounce (7.776 grams) face value: 100 yuan
  • 1/10 troy ounce (3.110 grams) face value: 50 yuan
  • 1/20 troy ounce (1.555 grams) face value: 20 yuan

1982-2000 Gold Panda Denominations

  • 1 troy ounce (31.02 grams) face value: 100 yuan
  • ½ troy ounce (15.552 grams) face value: 50 yuan
  • ¼ troy ounce (7.776 grams) face value: 25 yuan
  • 1/10 troy ounce (3.110 grams) face value: 10 yuan
  • 1/20 troy ounce (1.555 grams) face value: 5 yuan

Panda Gold Coin Values

The value of older Gold Panda coins can vary from year to year due to low mintages in certain years. Generally speaking, however, the Chinese Gold Panda is valued as a traditional bullion coin. Certain years of Gold Panda coins can be worth a lot of money, especially if they are in BU uncirculated condition. For example, the year 1995 can fetch far more in value than its gold content due to rarity. This is because for certain years, less coins were made. A 1995 one-ounce Gold Panda coin could sell for over $4,000 today. Its purchase price in 1995 would have been about 1/10 of that at $400. Less rare Gold Panda coins can be purchased for 4% to 7% more than comparable bullion coins. 

Where Can I Sell Chinese Gold Panda Coins?

If you ever decide to sell some or all of your Chinese Gold Panda coins, you have several options available to you. Many will look to a local coin or bullion shop first. These stores let you bring your coins in for an examination and appraisal. They then offer you what they feel is fair for the coins and you can take it or leave it. 

Online dealers, such as those mentioned above, are also a great resource for selling your gold coins. Dealers such as JM Bullion or will pay you for your gold coins or other precious metals. They typically require you to select which bullion you are selling, agree to a buyback price, confirm, and then follow the mail in instructions. Once the dealer has been able to review your coins or bullion, they will pay the agreed upon price for your products. You then simply need to shop your coins or bullion into the dealer, and once received, they will send your funds to you electronically or by check. 

Both methods of selling your gold or bullion have their merits. You may find, however, that online dealers will generally offer you more for your gold coins. Online dealers have a much lower cost of doing business compared to brick-and-mortar coin shops. These savings are then passed on to their customers in the form of lower dealer premiums and other savings opportunities. It also allows them to pay more for products they buy. 

Gold Panda FAQs

Are Chinese Gold Panda coins collectible?

Newer Chinese Gold Panda coins are not viewed as “collectible” or “numismatic” by most. They are standard bullion coins, whose value is determined by the amount of gold they contain. While some earlier mint years have higher prices due to rarity, the newer year Chinese Gold Panda coins can be considered bullion coins bought for gold content and nothing else. 

Why do Chinese Panda coins change in value so much?

The value of a Chinese Gold Panda coin is determined by the value of the gold within the coin. The gold market is in an ever-changing state as prices can be affected by many factors. These factors include monetary policy, risk appetite or aversion, stock markets, interest rates, and more. 

Are Chinese Gold Panda coins available in smaller weights?

Yes. The Chinese Gold Panda coin is available in multiple weights from one ounce to 1/20th of an ounce. The smaller-weight coins may make it easier for smaller investors or those just getting started to finance the purchase of these beautiful coins.