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The Austrian Philharmonic is a highly desirable gold bullion coin that is a favorite among investors and collectors. The Austrian Philharmonic has a long history as a gold bullion coin. It is commonly referred to as both the Austrian and Vienna Philharmonic coin. The coin was introduced by the Austrian Mint in 1989 and was minted as a one-ounce gold bullion coin and a ¼ ounce bullion coin. When first minted, the coin had a face value of 2,000 Austrian Schillings. 

The coin is named after the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra which also was the inspiration for both sides of the coin’s design. The coin is composed of very fine 24-carat gold for a total fineness of .9999. The coins are minted each year based on demand, although the design remains the same for each mintage. 

The obverse of the coin features a depiction of the pipe organ in Vienna Musikverein’s Golden Hall. The coin’s reverse features a variety of instruments from the orchestra, including the Vienna horn, bassoon, harp, violins, and cello. Both designs for the coin were the work of the Chief Engraver of the Austrian Mint, Thomas Pesendorfer. 

The popularity of the Philharmonic gold coin grew quickly. By its second mint year in 1990, the coin was already the most popular in Europe and second in the world. The World Gold Council declared it the best-selling gold coin over several years from the early 1990s to 2000. Not much has changed for this popular coin except its face value. After the introduction of the euro currency in the early 2000s, the coins were then minted carrying a face value of 100 euros (one-ounce coin). 

Best Places To Buy Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coins Online

If you are looking to buy Austrian Gold Philharmonic coins online, you have many different options to choose from. There are hundreds, possibly even thousands, of online precious metals dealers to choose from. You just need to do some research to decide which one deserves your business. Below we will briefly discuss four of the top dealers that sell Austrian Gold Philharmonic coins:

JM Bullion

JM BullionJM Bullion is a leader in the online metals distribution business. Having been in business for over a decade now, JMB is an industry leader in its technology, its total sales volume, its buyback policy, and more. JMB has a wide selection of gold Philharmonic coins available for purchase and offers the coin in all of its weights. If you decide to purchase multiple coins, make sure to check out JMB’s bulk discounts. 

Provident Metals

Provident MetalsProvident Metals is another online bullion dealer worth taking a look at. Provident has been in business for some time now and also features a wide selection of Austrian Gold Philharmonic coins. Like the previous dealer, Provident also offers these gold bullion coins for sale from various mintage years and in various weights. Provident has many positive online customer reviews. We encourage you to check them out so you can buy with confidence.

BGASCBGASC is another company you could choose to buy from. This bullion coin dealer has been in business for years and has many excellent online customer reviews. The Philharmonic coin selection is a bit smaller than other dealers outlined above and they feature primarily the 1 oz Gold Philharmonic. Despite this, BGASC may be a great place to buy from as you can buy with confidence. Their prices appear to be very competitive and they seem to take customer service very seriously. If you are looking to buy Austrian Gold Philharmonic coins, definitely check out BGASC to compare. is a newer player in the market but has now been established for several years. It has a decent selection of Austrian Gold Philharmonic coins and appears quite trustworthy. The many positive online customer reviews may allow you to buy from them with confidence. They also offer free shipping on orders greater than $199 and have an excellent buyback program as well. If you are in the market for gold Philharmonic coins, or any type of bullion bar or coin, make sure to check out 

Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin Values

The Austrian Philharmonic gold coin is a great addition to any coin collection or bullion investment. As is the case with some other bullion coins, investors appear to get a bit confused about their value. An aged philharmonic gold coin, for example, is not necessarily going to be valued higher than the current mint year. While the amount of these coins minted each year can and does change, based on demand, the total amount minted does not get low enough to make them an interesting collectible coin. 

The value of these bullion coins is determined, almost entirely, by their gold content. A one-ounce gold Philharmonic coin, for example, will be valued near the value of one ounce of gold. A ¼ ounce gold Philharmonic will have a value of around 1/4 an ounce of gold. 

Unique Qualities of Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coins

The Austrian Philharmonic gold coin has some unique features. The coin was the first European gold coin to go into production for investment. The Philharmonic was Austria’s answer to the South African Krugerrand. This coin was extremely popular all over the world. Due to its nation's apartheid policies, however, the Krugerrand was quickly banned from being imported into many countries. This may have been the primary reason for the Philharmonic to be designed and produced in the first place. 

The coin’s design is also very unique. Based on its namesake, the Austrian Philharmonic, the coin is highly symbolic of Austria and its love of music. The details featured on the coin are truly amazing. The instruments on the coin’s reverse, for example, include stunning detail. The harp, bassoon, violins, and cello are all brought to life-like magnificence through the engraver’s mind. The music hall featured on the coin’s obverse is also very detailed and shows the nation’s appreciation for music. 

Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin Denominations

The Austrian Philharmonic gold coin is available today in several weights. Although the one-ounce size may be the most traditional, the smaller, fractional weights can make gold Philharmonic coins available to almost anyone. The table below shows the various weights available for gold Philharmonic coins:

One ounce- 100 euro face value
½ ounce- 50 euro face value
¼ ounce- 25 euro face value
1/10 ounce- 10 euro face value
1/25 ounce- 4 euro face value

Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin FAQs

Is the Austrian Philharmonic gold coin a numismatic coin? Is it collectible?

The term numismatic can be very confusing and is often overused. A numismatic coin is a coin of rare mintage or is very difficult to find. The Austrian Philharmonic gold coin is not a “numismatic” coin as it is minted every single year and is not especially difficult to find. While some of these coins may be or can become “collectible,” they do not carry much, if any, collectibility premium. 

Does the Austrian Philharmonic gold coin contain more gold compared to other coins?

The Philharmonic does not contain more gold than other coins of similar weights. It may contain finer gold, however, as it is composed of .9999 pure gold. This 24-carat gold is of greater fineness than the 22-carat gold used for American Gold Eagle coins, for example. 

Are Austrian Philharmonic gold coins only popular in Europe?

No. These coins are very popular all over the world. They are just as easy to buy in the U.S. as they are in Europe and are just as desirable by customers outside of Europe.